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To provide global industries timely, task-specific data by leveraging expertise in aviation and data science.

Founded in February of 2015, DataWing is an aerial data collection and analytics service company that monitors assets, processes and interprets collected data, and provides compliance-based reporting across a broad base of industries.

DataWing has helped develop a proprietary data processing platform that uses data in the form of images, videos and other non-visualization parameters. Our systems can distinguish between usable and non-usable data sets and as a result, we are capable of applying predictive, reliable analysis and reporting to our clients.

Our UAS and data analysis expertise
allows us to enter almost any labor market with
a truly innovative and scalable solution.




Aviation Experts

Built by US Air Force fighter pilots, we are deeply rooted in professional aviation. Our commitment to safe and efficient flying operations is paramount.

Extensive Industry Experience

Our leadership encompasses over 100 years of combined experience in all areas of oil and gas. From drilling to refineries to EHS, DataWing is an industry expert in safety and regulation and will enhance your operations.

Gather more information, quickly

We collect extremely large amounts of information with manned and unmanned aircraft that is uploaded, compared, and analyzed. Immediate threats are identified and communicated to the client.

Powerful analytics

Actionable reports that compare data sets which have never been compared before. Correlations of various data analyzed over time allow for greater understanding of asset health and the prediction of trends.


A search-based platform that stores information and continuously updates as data is uploaded. Drive down risk analysis numbers with accurate and timely tracking.


More information leads to better safety protocols. DataWing saved clients over $2M in operational shut down costs while eliminating the safety risk of human interaction

Public safety and operational efficiency force industry players to continuously adapt new technologies that will reduce risk and increase information through-put. The same impact is felt throughout many other industries as well as insurance, utilities, railroads, emergency responders, and construction companies are all incorporating UAVs into their daily operations. These verticals recognize the value of rapid, cost effective, and reliable information that DataWing can provide.


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